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Contribute to ClavisNG manual

This manual is open to contribution by everyone that like to improve its content. This is why we choose a wiki!!

Everyone can change a page once registered to the site.

To help who doesn't know how to edit a page, there's the wiki syntax page to learn a lot of trick.

We have also installed a lot of plugins, one of the most useful is wrap, to create and place inside the page information box. We suggest to use it when you insert a note.

How to contribute

You can contribute in a number of ways:

  • for those who already know wiki syntax, you can start create or improve pages.
    Also, when you find a FIXME icon maybe you should stop and try to improve that content.
  • for those who doesn't knwo at all a wiki, you can start editing pages:
    - adding links between pages
    - adding screenshots (ClavisNG images)
    - adding FIXME tag when you think there are page to fix
    - improving readability through bold, headings, underline, emphasis :)
  • for those who doesn't want to edit pages, but want to share guidelines or learning materials on ClavisNG (like F.A.Q. or tutorials), you can send an email to with [CLAVIS Manual] in the object and the material attached. You can send plain text, .odt, .pdf etc

Find pages to FIX.

Formatting conventions

Headings, should be used from the first level (H1), this allow the automatic generation of the TOC on the top of the page.

When you must describe a long list of elemets (like the search field), you should use a table with two column (value and description).

NOTES are for suggestions, alerts or related contents and should be formatted as follow

<WRAP info round>
== Note title ==
note content

For the notes we choosed a DokuWiki plugin called wrap. So, depending on note type, instead of info, you can use: important, tip, help, download, todo, alert.

For FAQ and GUIDE links should be used the following syntax

:?: **GUIDE:** [[link to the guide]]
:?: **FAQ:** [[link to the FAQ]]
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